I’m Not a Fan of Grey Bears

Grey Bear back

Did you ever have a teddy bear growing up? It is a very common gift for people to give to an expectant mother. It is also a common gift given on Valentine’s Day as an expression of love and affection. A couple of days ago I had one of my readers contact me about a […]

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Ewwww! Kill it!

You get a picture of this because I wasn't pausing to photograph the bug.

  How are you about bugs? Can you handle them or do they freak you out? I am a little better now that I’m older. I can handle them if they’re small. But when they’re big ones, I turn into a three year old little girl and start to freak and run around screaming. Have […]

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“If you request them, they will come!”

Processed with Moldiv

Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? Do you have a favorite team? I honestly haven’t been paying attention to the teams playing. My focus on Super Bowl XLIX has been different from most. I’ve been focused on the impact it will have on sex trafficking in the Phoenix, Arizona area. While […]

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The Difference Between Rescued and Restored!

restoration finished

Have you ever restored a piece of furniture? It almost always takes longer than you expected. You also tend to discover some unexpected costs to the project; however, if you will stick with it, invest the needed time and effort, the end result is beautiful. A dear friend of mine is very gifted in restoring […]

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The Perfect Thing to Feast on First Thing in the Morning!

Scipture framed

Do you wake hungry? I woke up this morning thinking about what I could eat. It was almost as if I hadn’t eaten in days. Before 6 a.m. this morning I was making baked oatmeal and anticipating the flavors. I started grabbing fruit and nuts to add to yogurt on top of it. Do you wake […]

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Your Who or Your Do?

To do list

Do you sit still very often? My mother will tell you that even when I sit some part of me is in motion. If I’m honest, it’s usually my mouth. I tell people I’ve been given the spiritual gift of blab. The reality is I talk a lot. Even if I’m not talking, my leg […]

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swim lessons

Do you like to swim? I enjoy the water, even though I’m not a very good swimmer. My nephew loves the water; he’s like a little fish. He is turning five years old next week and he has chosen to have a swim party, which is impressive in the middle of January in Colorado. Fortunately, […]

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Circle Up!


How do you respond when someone asks you to pray for something? Do you tell them you will and then go on about your day, praying about it if you remember it? Or do you fear you’ll forget so you pray for it right then and there? Do you only pray about it once or […]

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Is it time to get your eyes checked?


Do you wear glasses? Contact lenses? My whole life I’ve had 20/15 vision. My mother used to call me Hawkeye because I could see things so well both close up and far away. Then I turned forty-five years old and everything changed. My friends had warned me about turning forty. They’d say, Once you turn […]

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Is it Grey or Black and White?


Are you a book person or do you prefer movies? I honestly enjoy both. Obviously, when I read the book and see the movie I am going to prefer one over the other, usually the book. I like the creative license a book gives me to make the characters look the way I want them […]

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