Why you need to meet their need…

Starbucks Windy Hill

What are your needs? As I sit in Starbucks this morning looking at the line of people filing in and out of the front door, I think many of them would say they need coffee. When I was growing up we all knew we needed for our mama to have her coffee in the morning […]

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Are you prepared to take a stand?


Are you standing firm in your faith? The phrase, take a stand, means: to take a position in opposition to someone or something; to oppose or resist someone or something.” Many people today blast their opinions on Twitter and Facebook, simply based on what they’ve read online or what they’ve see others share. Few people take […]

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I saw Jesus yesterday!

BAB at Civic Center

Have you ever been to a children’s consignment sale before? It is a sale where people bring clothing, toys, furniture, and baby equipment to sell over a few days. Riverstone Church has held a semi-annual consignment sale called Born Again Blessings since the first year the church was established. The sale used to be held at […]

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Where are you looking?

Mama's RAV4

What kind of a car do you drive? I have driven the same Honda Odyssey minivan for 16 years. It has over 276,000 miles on it and has more stories attached to it than I can count. It’s hauled kids to school, youth events, FCA, lacrosse games, baseball games, football games and college. The day I got […]

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Children should be found in schools, not brothels!


It’s about that time again. You know the time…. when traffic in the city feels like it’s doubled because you have to encounter Big Yellow everywhere you go. Who is Big Yellow? Big Yellow is the school bus and he seems to be everywhere and always, somehow, in front of you slowing down your frantic […]

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Job Opening!

River 3

How did you spend your day yesterday? I had the opportunity to camp out at one of my favorite coffee shops in the city and work for a while. The scenery was beautiful, there was a gentle hum of conversations and computer clicks in the background, and the coffee was tasty, even if it looked […]

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He’s a Great Writer!

Processed with Moldiv

Do you journal? I have been journaling off and on for years. It is a wonderful way for me to process my thoughts and feelings. It is also a way for me to record what I feel the Lord is saying to me, Scripture verses that speak deeply to me in a season of life […]

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Got bread today?

Bless Us

Do you pray the Lord’s prayer often? When I attended a denominational church it was part of our Sunday morning service. Now that I attend a nondenominational church we do not say it routinely, however, I love it. Whether spoken or sung, the words are soothing to my heart. Yesterday, at our prayer meeting we […]

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How are you? REALLY?


We’re friends, right? This morning as I was having a chat with Jesus about you, yes you, and I found myself wondering what’s going on in your life. Each weekday morning I sit with the Lord to ask Him what to share with you and today I realized I rarely hear from you. I know some […]

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Where’s your tiara?

Princess Bekah 2

Do you watch Disney movies? My children have always loved them. At 21 and 19 they still enjoy watching them. My daughter is partial to the princess movies, with Cinderella being her all time favorite. She has watched all of the princess movies, read all of the princess books and dressed up like them, even when she […]

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