Happy Fourth of July!


Dear friends, I am taking next week off to enjoy the time with family and friends. I hope you and your family have a fabulous Fourth of July celebration. Susan

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Who said it?

QUote book

Do you like quotes? I am a word person and I love collecting powerful quotes and chewing on the a while, as they say. While I’ve always loved quotes, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I purchased a journal to record quotes in that are meaningful to me. I think I stole the idea […]

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Are you a cheater?


  Do you like to play board games? I love them. When my children were growing up we would play games all the time. We have a whole closet full of games. As they got older, I would purge or sell some games to make room for others. My daughter was distraught when I sold […]

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No Appointment Necessary


Do you go to a chiropractor? I find some of the names of chiropractic offices hilarious. I’ve recently seen the Joint and my daughter’s favorite, Braile Chiropractic. For some reason when we drove by, she cracked up laughing. Whenever I have an appointment at the chiropractor, I tell my family I’m going to get snapped, cracked, and popped […]

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How full is your plate?


When your family has dinner together is the food plated and then served? Or does your family leave the food on the stovetop and counter for people to serve themselves? Or still, is the food brought to the table and everything passed around as people serve themselves? Growing up, Mom always put the food on […]

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My Dad’s a Superhero!

Processed with Moldiv

How did you spend Father’s Day? Did you go to church with your Father? Have a backyard cookout with him? Or are you a father yourself? I spent Father’s Day driving home from Charleston with my husband, where we attended a wedding. We made every attempt to scurry home quickly so Mark could share as […]

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Repost: You Won’t Believe This and It Really Happened

question mark

This is my most popular post to date (Shared March 2014). I decided to share it again today. What does a pimp look like? Where does he operate? How does he gain possession of a new girl? These are questions we all need to think about. The answers might surprise you. A lot of people […]

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Be the Key!

McLain's Key

What does your office look like? Mine is a collection of the places and people I’ve served in ministry. My favorite chair in my office was a gift to me from the students I served in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). It is draped with a quilt that was gifted to me from the Adullam Orphanage […]

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Could today be the day?

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Have you ever noticed that amazing days start out as ordinary days? The day I got my first full time job was an ordinary day until the phone call came with a job offer. The day my husband proposed to me was just an ordinary day until he got down on one knee. The day I […]

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Shark Attacks Happening Closer Than You Think

Holden Beach, North Carolina

Have you been to the beach this summer? I’ve had the opportunity to go twice. My immediately family went to St. Augustine for a couple of days and then I traveled to the NC coast to see my brother’s family for a few days. My niece and nephew and I would go on treasure hunts each […]

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