IT’S FRONT LINE FRIDAY with TrueNorth Freedom Project


It’s FRONT LINE FRIDAY! I have the privilege of introducing you to Anne Kerr, founder and president of TrueNorth Freedom Project. I met Anne in 2010 when we were both just getting our feet wet in the anti trafficking movement. She was a volunteer with Not For Sale. From there she went on to be […]

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Are you playing your part?

Butterfly bush with butterfly

Is spring bursting around you? I’ve seen evidence at every turn. The cherry trees were the first to bloom around here. The Bradford Pear trees were next. While they look beautiful, they smell like a basket of stinky socks. I haven’t seen a butterfly yet. I’m still looking because my grandmother used to tell me […]

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Do you hear it?

mark and laura

Do you have children? Did you like to sing to them? I used to rock my children every night after reading them a story. I would sing songs to them. Some songs were cute little children’s songs I used in my classroom when I taught school. Other times I’d sing hymns or worship songs. Somewhere along the […]

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From Blah to Bling


Do you like to shop? My mother used to say I was the poster child for the phrase, Born to Shop. I used to be. Then I asked the Lord to take away my desire for things and He did.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good bargain, but I don’t spend my time […]

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Look out!

Just one of six accidents. Don't worry, I was at a complete stop when I took this.

  What did you do this weekend? I had the privilege of speaking at the Wesley United Methodist Church Ladies Retreat in Charleston, South Carolina. I love Charleston, but I love the women of Wesley even more. We had a fabulous time. I drove home yesterday in the rain, most of which was heavy. It […]

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Join us tonight!

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What are you growing this year?

Processed with Moldiv

Have you noticed the birds chirping first thing in the morning? A sure sign that spring is creeping up on us. I, for one, am beyond ready and excited. I love almost everything about spring. I love the sounds of spring: birds chirping, lawnmowers outside, and children playing on the lawn. I love the smells […]

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Would the real Jesus please stand up?


Are you old enough to remember the television show, To Tell the Truth? It was a game show where a description was given of an individual based on unusual experiences or occupation, then three people would appear before the contestants. The contestants could ask the three individuals questions to discover who the host described. The central […]

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What are you carrying?

Champs Elysse

What is your dream car? Is it a sedan? Or is it vintage sports car of some type? Something with some zip to it that could lead to speeding tickets… that is if they can catch you? Or are you longing for a SUV so you can haul all of your toys as you travel? […]

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Got Joy?

Psalm 30.11

What’s on your play list these days? Are you listening to some old favorites? Or is there a new one that keeps looping around, because you can’t get enough of it? I am obsessed with the song, Joy, off of Housefires II. It resonates with everything within me. I play it nonstop in my office, my […]

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