Rearview 1

Does your family go on Sunday drives? You may be too young to even know what I’m talking about. When I was growing up there were Sundays when my family would pile in the car and take off on a Sunday drive. We would ride up into the mountains and enjoy the scenery or sometimes […]

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How are you painting your picture?

Play with me

Do you paint? I have always been fascinated by the talent of many of my friends. They are gifted with a variety of mediums to paint. Just to make my point, I’d like to share some of their artwork. First, my friend, Marian, from Ghana, West Africa. She has more artistic talent in her little […]

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Too Much Noise


Do you have trees outside of your house? We don’t have any trees in our front yard; however, our neighbor has a large tree right across the street from our bedroom window. This tree happens to be home to birds, lots and lots of birds. I don’t have anything against birds. I like them really. I […]

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Processed with Moldiv

Are you a magazine reader? I find that I usually only look purchase magazines when I’m traveling by plane, because they’re mindless reading. You know what I mean, the kind of things you read more as time fillers than for content. I also find that I glance through them in the nail salon. One of […]

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How to Make the Impossible Possible

The cookbook from my Southern Elementary School  class. Photo credit: Rebecca Fleming

  Do you remember your kindergarten teacher? I never attended kindergarten, but I taught kindergarten. I loved my students dearly. They were fun. They were trusting. They were adventurous. I could have walked in the door and told my class we were going to climb on the roof and learn to fly and I think […]

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Why wait?

AC Retreat

Are you involved in the anti-trafficking movement? I continually find myself amazing by the people who haven’t even heard about human trafficking, let alone the number of people who want no part of the fight. I have often said this is not a Christian issue or a Jewish or Buddhist or Muslim issue. It is […]

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Obedience is the Key!


Are you a parent? If you aren’t a parent, you had one. What would you say is the most common disciplinary phrase said by all parents at least once in their parenting career? Is it, “No!” or “Come here!” or what about my all time favorite I’ve heard parents say over and over, Because I […]

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What does tax day mean to you?

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Did you get your taxes done? April 15th has a way of making people stressed out and a bit nervous sometimes. It’s that dreaded day when the government, both state and federal, expects a full report of your financial situation. They want to make sure you’re giving them their cut of your earnings. April 15th […]

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Fallen by Annie Lobert


Are you familiar with the organization Hookers for Jesus? It is an organization started by a survivor of sex trafficking, Annie Lobert. Annie and I will both be speaking at the Take Action Against Human Trafficking conference in Tampa, Florida in November of this year. The conference is sponsored by Bishop Outreach and has a powerhouse […]

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How does it happen?

question mark

Have you ever seen a pimp? Probably not that you know of, but pimps come in all shapes and sizes. You could walk right by one and not know it. I’ve come across cases where pimps have been family members, men, women, couples, gangs, and even classmates. Pimps don’t walk around wearing a t-shirt that says, […]

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