Today, I spent a lot of time in my car running errands. As I drove all over Cobb County, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful spray of color in the trees. I love fall. It is a time of year when God shows off His artistic side. Some trees are bright red while others are golden yellow. I noticed that no two trees are exactly alike. They may be similar, but each tree tends to have some noticeable differences.
We are like the trees in a way. We have similarities, but we also have our own individual differences. Just like the trees, our environment plays a part in who we become, as does our genetic make up. However, I wonder, how much impact does God have in who you are? Does He have a strong influence in the way you behave? If you spend time in His presence and in His Word, He is bound to shape who you become.
I can identify an oak tree by the shape of its leaves. I can identify a maple tree based on it’s color. What about you? Can people look at you and know you belong to Jesus? Should they be able to? [Matthew 7:15-19]