Wednesdays are the day I meet with my FCA student leaders to plan for our Friday morning meeting. The students usually come in pretty sleepy and are quiet and I have to drag things out of them to get the conversation going. This morning was no different. We talked about our Friday huddle meeting and got everything planned fairly quickly.
We had about 25 minutes left before we needed to drive over to the school. When we are blessed with this much extra time, I ask them a very simple question, but I ask them individually in front of the group. “How is your quiet time?” They know this is going to happen from time to time. I forewarned them when they made the leadership team. I don’t do this to embarrass them. I do this because I love them. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” How can they lead their school in a faith journey if they are not growing in their faith continually?
The most beautiful thing happened as I went around the room. Most of them shared the wonderful insights they were gaining from the Lord. A couple of them had to admit they were dropping the ball and were not making time with the Lord a priority and they committed to the group they would do a better job. One young lady broke down in tears as she shared how her family was going through a difficult time. Then Jesus showed up and took over. I watched as these leaders gathered around this precious young lady in prayer. They pulled their Bibles out and began sharing scripture verses with her to encourage her. They loved on her. They were Jesus with skin on.
Are you in accountability with other believers? Do you have people who will get in your business and ask the tough questions? We were created for relationship by a relational God. If we are hurting and alone, it may be because we are trying to live life differently than He intended. I encourage you to gather at least 2-3 godly friends and live life with them in the hard places. Lift one another up in prayer, even when it isn’t convenient for you [Mark 2:1-7].
So, let me ask you…How is your quiet time?