Have you ever heard someone tell a story that held you captive? You knew you couldn’t do anything else until you heard the end of it. Well, isn’t it even more exciting when the person telling the story is the one that it happened to?
I have a friend who in a missionary is Ghana, West Africa, and he is quite a storyteller. He has had more bizarre experiences than your average person and when he tells you his stories, you feel like you are right beside him witnessing it as it occurred. I look forward to new stories when I see him.
Each and every one of us has our own talents and gifts that God has given us. We all have a specific calling that is just ours to fulfill. As we go through our life, the Lord will guide us and direct us towards that calling. But there is one thing that we can ALL do that no one can do like us…we can tell our story. No one can tell your story like you can. It’s yours to tell because you are the one who has lived it. It’s called a personal testimony.
When the demon possessed man was healed by Jesus [Mark 5:1-20], he was overwhelmed with awe and gratitude. He wanted to go with Jesus and follow him from place to place, but Jesus had a job for this man to do. He commanded him to go and tell his family how much the Lord had done for him. Oh, others who witnessed it could have shared the story, but no one could share it like the demon possessed man. He knew details that no one else would know. He could share the emotions that he experienced as well as the physical changes.
Each of you has a story to tell. You don’t always have to start with “before I was a Christian” to give a personal testimony. You can simply share what God has done in your life lately. It may be that you’ve been struggling financially and He provided for you in a huge way. It may be something as simple as you had an incredibly busy day and everything just seemed to go in your favor from having all green lights to finding the front parking space everywhere you went. Jesus calls us to be His witnesses to all people everywhere we go [Acts 1:8]. Sometimes you have minutes with people and sometimes you have a lifetime. All you need to do is share what God has done for you lately.