I was watching American Idol last night. Most of the singers did not do well. All of the judges were coming down on them pretty hard, especially Simon. One of the comments they made over and over was “You had one shot tonight to show the world who you really are and you blew it.” They told several they didn’t think they were believable.
I started asking myself, “Am I believable?” Are you? There are many, many people who will cross our paths in this world only one time. We will be given only one shot at making an impact on their lives and pointing them towards Jesus. Do we take that chance or do we blow it?
In Acts 1:8, Jesus calls us to be His witnesses all over the earth. Acts 22:15 tells us we will be a witness to all men. When I am speaking to my students at FCA, I remind them as believers they are always a witness for Christ. They may be a great witness or a poor one, but they are always a witness.
If you were standing before a panel of judges today and they were judging your life trying to determine if you represented Christ well, would they tell you they thought you were believable or would they tell you they thought you blew it? Are you living a life reflecting Him well?
Last night one of the guys sang Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror” which talks about the world’s need for change and how it has to start with the man in the mirror. Are there things you need to change about the man or woman in the mirror to be a better witness for Christ? If you’re not sure, take some time alone with the Lord and ask Him. Like Simon, He’ll shoot it to you straight, but He will tell you because He loves you and He wants the very best for you [Jeremiah 29:11].