Have you ever had something funny happen to you or something serious happen to you and you’ve shared with your friends? I am guessing you simply told the story. You probably didn’t need notes to tell it or have your heart racing with fear. Why is it we are all able to tell a story of something we’ve experienced during the course of our day, but we break out in a cold sweat when someone asks us to give our testimony before a group of people?
According to dictionary.com, a testimony is “the statement or declaration of a witness under oath or affirmation.” Simply put, a testimony is your story. It is your statement or declaration of what happened to you when you had an encounter with the living God. You’ve lived it; therefore, you have the right to tell it. No one can claim its wrong, because it is your story.
John 1:8 talks about how John the Baptist came only as a witness to the light (meaning Jesus). In Acts 1:8, Jesus calls us all His witnesses. He wants us to tell our story. Anyone can tell a story. Most people love hearing stories. While some people may turn and run the other way if they see you coming with a Bible in hand, typically, people are not threatened by a story.
Our part in sharing the greatest story ever told is to share how it impacted us. So, go out there and tell someone your story.