My brother, David, and his wife, Kim, are visiting for a few days and they brought their 7 lb. Yorkie with them. His name is Tucker. Tucker may be only 7 lbs but he thinks he is the size of a German shepherd.
David and Kim were out last night and Tucker was with me. He began barking like crazy at the front door, so I opened the door to peak out and he wedged himself through the crack and out front in a flash. There was a white cat sitting on my front porch and Tucker was going to be my defender. He jumped like a rabbit over the cat and turned to face her. He began clawing the grass declaring this was his territory. The cat didn’t seem disturbed by Tucker at all. In fact, the cat was almost twice Tucker’s size, but it didn’t slow Tucker down. I had this horrible vision of having to tell David his dog was killed by a cat. I ran out there and grabbed Tucker and swatted at the cat to make her go home. The cat took off and Tucker and I went inside. I put him down and he strutted around the house like he had just beaten Goliath single handed.
How many times do we try to face trouble alone? We were never meant to live life solo. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew, like Tucker, and we need others to step in and help us out.
Ecclesiastes 4:9 states that two are better than one. We all need others. Even Moses, who God called friend, needed to have some help from others from time to time. He needed Aaron and Hur to stand beside him and hold his arms up while the Israelites were in battle because as long as his arms were raised the Israelites were winning and his arms got tired [Exodus 17]. Naomi and Ruth needed each other to survive the situation they found themselves in when they returned to Bethlehem as two widows [Ruth 1 & 2].
Genesis 2:18 says it is not good for man to be alone. Pray to the Father and ask Him to direct you to godly friends and to help you build a support network today. Then when trouble comes your way, you will not have to face it alone.