This has been an amazing week at the middle school. We have had FCA every morning and have done fun and exciting things with the students. We had a worship service, a breakfast with testimonies, a day of prayer, game day with a message, and we will finish the week out today with a powerful skit demonstrating how the Lord took all of our infirmities and illnesses upon Himself on the cross. One of the students said to me, “This is so much fun. I wish we could have FCA every day. Don’t you?” Honestly, it has been great, but I don’t wish for it every day.
After pouring out and pouring out I need to take time to sit and just soak in His presence. I need to drink deep in the Word of God and have my vessel filled up [John 4:13-14]. I need to find rest in the Lord [Psalm 62:5].
I am a “doer” personality. I like to jump in with both feet and get involved. I like to make things happen. However, the Lord calls us to make time to “Be still and know I am God” [Psalm 46:10]. Jesus knew how important down time with God was for those who serve Him. In Mark 6:31, He told His disciples, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Well, if it is a quiet place, I’m probably not there. Quiet is something I’m not, most of the time. However, the Lord is teaching me the great importance of resting in the quiet with Him.
You cannot pour out of an empty vessel. You can only give what you have received. Jesus calls us to freely give but only after we have received [Matthew 10:8]. Make certain you take time each and every day with the Lord and do the thing the Lord told Martha was best [Luke 10:41-42]. Spend time sitting at His feet learning from Him.
John 15:5 says, “”I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” If we want to be useful to the King and the Kingdom, we must start by spending time with Him. So, lay back and rest your head in His lap. Listen for that still small voice. He has something special to tell you today.