When was the last time you were so excited about pursuing something you ran after it? I don’t mean just trotting across the grass…I mean full blown all out pursuit as if your life depended on it run? What in your life do you esteem enough to run after?
In Luke 19:1-5 you read of a man named Zaccheaus who was so passionate about his pursuit of Jesus he ran to climb up a tree just to get a better glimpse of Him. Zaccheaus was a short guy, who most likely had short legs, so running through the crowd took effort. He was also a man of influence. He was a tax collector. He had power in the community. However, Zaccheaus was more concerned with pursuing Jesus than he was with what the people of the community thought of him. He was willing to do whatever it took, including running through a crowd and climbing a tree, to get closer to Jesus.
What are you willing to do to get closer to Jesus? Are you willing to look foolish in front of others? Are you willing to put some sweat equity into your pursuit of Him? Are you willing to lay it all on the line for Him? He did for you!
What will you pursue today?