We are big American Idol fans in my house. It is one of the few television programs we all watch together. We have for years. It is interesting how they’ve changed the show a bit this year. From the way they narrowed the group down to the top 12 to the additional judge, it’s been different. The biggest difference is the “judges’ save” they have implemented this year. If you get voted off by America because of your performance, the judges can choose to save you. The trick is they only have one save for the entire season. They have to really believe you are worth saving to burn their only save of the year.
There will be a day when each of us stands before a Judge and has our performance on earth evaluated. We will face the Father and have every thought, word and deed of our lifetime evaluated [Romans 2:16]. The accuser will be there pointing out every failure and flaw he can find. His desire is to have us “voted off” the streets of gold and banished from heaven to hell [Revelation 12:10-11]. Praise God, we have a mighty Defender who is ready with His “Judge’s save” to make certain we spend eternity with Him. It does not matter what we’ve done, what we’ve said or what we’ve thought. As long as Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, we are secure in our place in eternity. He paid our debt in full [Revelation 5:9]. Praise God! Do not take lightly the grace that was so freely given, because it wasn’t free to Him. He paid a high price for you. He thinks you’re worth His “judges’ save” and He proved it on the cross [John 3:16].