We came home from the Lighthouse Retreat last night. We were all very tired, but a good tired. God worked in and through us to touch the lives of many and we were also ministered to by these precious families. The 11 families we served came from as far as Michigan and as close as just around the corner from our house. Some had young children with cancer and some had teenagers with cancer. They all carry a heavy load and for one week we were able to help carry that burden.
The Lighthouse Retreat began because of the dream of one woman, Melinda Mayton. Melinda was an oncology nurse at Scottish Rite Hospital and someone asked her what she would do if she had a million dollars. She said she would take children who have cancer and their families to the beach. Shortly afterwards, the Lighthouse Family Retreat began.
This year the Lighthouse is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. They’ve been offering retreats to families free of charge for a decade. For one week, these families are able to forget about cancer and focus on one another. They are able to focus on laughter and joy and the children can forget about their battles and just be a kid again.
A private donor has come to the Lighthouse this year and agreed to match dollar for dollar any funds they raise between now and August up to $500,000. If they reach their goal of raising $500,000 then Melinda will have her million dollars to continue this amazing ministry. If you would like to help make that happen, you can go to www.thelighthouseretreat.org and contribute to their ministry. You can also learn how you can serve at a retreat or how a family you know battling childhood cancer can apply to go on a retreat. Remember, whatever we do for another, we do for Christ!
God bless you and Happy Easter!!!