Have you signed up on Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter or one of the other social networks? It seems everyone is friends online with someone. Some people will invite anyone to “be their friend” so their numbers go up. People they would never seek out or even talk to in high school are invited to become a friend in cyberspace. Why is that?
Our communications with friends have become less face to face and more cyberspace. Texting seems to be the most popular form of communicating on cell phones. And for those who want a more personal touch, we’ll send an email.
As a culture, we are trading relationship for networking. We have traded a hand written note for a few lines on Facebook. We traded verbal conversations for texting. We’ve traded intimate for surface level.
So, where does that leave Jesus? We can’t exactly Facebook Him or text Him? What do we do with Him?
We are moving so fast through life, trying to multitask and get it all done, that we’ve forgotten how to “Be still and know I am God” [Psalm 46:10]. We are losing our ability to hear the “gentle whisper” of the Lord [1 Kings 19:12]. We are so busy “connecting” to people through technology, we’ve forgotten how to build a relationship with our God. It requires silence and solitude. It requires intentionality. It requires priority [Mark 1:35].
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Facebook or texting. I participate in both. But what is our priority in our day [Exodus 20:3]? What do we focus on? Take time for Jesus. You will never regret that decision.