I want to tell you a story about a girl who had her eyes on certain guy. She said all the right things and caught his attention. After spending some time together, she opened up and shared her heart with him, telling him all of her past and asking him to forgive her for anything she had done that could damage or destroy their relationship. She promised her devotion and love to him.
He took her in his arms and declared his undying love for her and asked her to spend forever with him as his bride. She agreed to be his bride. She shared her news with her friends and family and was so giddy with excitement. He had chosen her.
As she prepared for the big day, she made decisions about how it should look, what she should wear, what the attendants would wear and what the groom would wear, without ever consulting him. She decided where she wanted to live and what she wanted it to look like, how much to spend on it and proceeded forward, again without consulting her groom.
She was so wrapped up in the concept of being engaged and getting married she forgot to take time to develop the relationship with her intended. She didn’t talk things over with him or go to him for input or advice. There was no relationship between them at all, just words spoken once agreeing to be in a relationship together. Now what kind of relationship is that?
It is so obvious things are out of whack in the story above, but do we notice it happening around us frequently. Maybe it’s even happened to you. Many people fall in love with Jesus and pour their heart out to Him and ask His forgiveness. His response is always the same. He will take them in his arms and declare His undying love for them and ask them to be His bride. Once the pledge of marriage is made, some go off and do their own thing, forgetting about building the relationship with Jesus.
When one prays the prayer of commitment to Christ, He takes it serious and so should we. As a Christ follower, we are supposed to follow Christ. Imagine that! It seems so too easy; however, many make it difficult.
Where are you in your relationship with Jesus? Do you have a standing date with Him everyday to share your heart with Him and listen while He shares His with you? Luke 4:42a says “At daybreak Jesus went out to a solitary place.” Mark 1:35 says, “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Jesus understood relationship. He knew it required setting aside private time to be with the Father every day. He would get alone with the Father early in the morning so no one would disturb their time together. It was private time for them so they could speak freely from the heart to one another.
Just like anyone can go through the motions of getting engaged and even married, you can call yourself a Christian- show up at church when the doors are opened and do good deeds. It takes time and commitment to invest in one another to have a strong marriage on earth. It also takes time and commitment to Jesus to build a strong relationship with Him. Make a date with Jesus today. Invest in your relationship with Him. You will gain a great return for your investment.