Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. You may be asking “What is Pentecost?” According to, Pentecost is “a Christian festival celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter, commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.” The Word of God describes Pentecost Sunday as when the Holy Spirit, who was promised by Jesus to the apostles, arrived [John 14:15-21].
Some people get a little uncomfortable when you start talking about the Holy Spirit. They may be fine with the mention of God the Father and even Jesus, but the Holy Spirit tends to make them uncomfortable. They don’t understand Him, therefore, they don’t want to deal with Him.
Saying you are a Christian and love God but don’t want to deal with the Holy Spirit is like saying you like apples but you don’t want to deal with the skin to eat it. Even if you don’t like the skin, you must admit it exists and deal with it in order to get to the flesh or pulp of the apple. It’s a packaged deal.
You see an apple has three distinctive parts: the skin, the pulp or flesh, and the core. Each of those parts is individual, yet they are all apple. You either bite through the skin of the apple or peel it away to get to the pulp. The pulp rests beneath the skin and on the core of the apple. They are interconnected, yet can be viewed individually.
God is the same way. Father, Son and Holy Spirit can be addressed individually; however, they are interconnected and are One. In John 14:16 Jesus said the Holy Spirit is our Counselor who will be with us forever. He helps guide us through our decisions and daily life. He is not one to be avoided. He is our friend.
The great thing about the Holy Spirit is we don’t have to wait until Pentecost each year to experience Him. We can experience Him every day of our lives [John 14:17]. Don’t miss out on experiencing the power of God because you don’t understand it. Ask God to bring you revelation and understanding about the Holy Spirit. He is eagerly waiting for your invitation.