Have you ever watched children try to fit two or more people in a chair because no one wants to give up the specific seat? I used to see it on a daily basis when I taught kindergarten. There would be one seat everyone wanted and a race would take place to see who could get in it and fight to stay in it. Eventually, only one person would be able to sit in the seat, but sometimes someone would get hurt in the battle.
Is your life like that today? Let me explain. There is one seat in our lives called the ruler’s chair or throne. Only the one ruling over your life is allowed to sit in that seat. Sometimes there is a battle over the seat and we may or may not get hurt depending on who is sitting in the seat. The seat was designed for the Lord [Exodus 20:3-5]; however, we have allowed others to fill His seat. Without thinking about it too long, we could probably make a list of things or people we have allowed to sit there. In fact, we’ve even tried to sit in it ourselves and make our own decisions for our lives. How has that worked out for you? Inevitably, I end up on my face crying out to God to please take His seat back in my life, because I am no good at sitting there.
If you feel like you haven’t tried to take the Lord’s seat in your life, let me ask you if you’ve ever heard of the “judgment seat” before? It is one of the purposes of the Lord’s seat in our life. Many of us, me included, have attempted to be judge and jury in other’s lives. God’s Word is very clear about who is to be judge and jury for people [Matthew 7:1]. All will come before the Lord at some point and He alone will be the Judge [Matthew 25:32]. We’re not any good at being judge and we aren’t supposed to try.
So my question for you today is who is sitting in the seat of your life?