Today is my 18th wedding anniversary. In some ways it seems like it was just yesterday we got married and in many ways it seems like I’ve been married to Mark forever. The memories of our wedding are so special to me. However, the most special thing about the event was something I learned about weeks after our wedding when we were reviewing our wedding video.
Our videographer did a beautiful job. He used two cameras so we got shots from different angles. He also put a microphone on Mark’s lapel so we would be able to clearly hear our vows.
All of our bridesmaids had come down the aisle followed by the flower girl. All that was left was the bride. The trumpet began with an intro to Trumpet Voluntaire. Mark knew how it would happen, because we had practiced it the night before. The intro would be played and then on the first note of the song I would round the corner on my father’s arm and come to him. Forgetting he had on a microphone, as the trumpet intro began to play Mark began saying over and over, “Come on, come one.” He must have repeated it two or three times and then without seeing anything but his face and hearing his voice, I could tell when I had rounded the corner. He began chanting, “Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.” His smile was bigger than ever before and he started rocking up on his toes a bit.
I share that with you because you need to understand how the Lord sees you. He is eager for you to come to Him. He sees you as breathtakingly beautiful [Psalm 149:4]. In fact, Psalm 45:11 says He is enthralled with your beauty. Enthralled means spellbound or trapped.
The Lord eagerly waits to spend time with you each day. He is saying “Come on” to us because he earnestly desires to be with us [Matthew 11:28]. Why do we refuse Him? We aren’t fooling anyone. He knows when we avoid Him [John 5:40]. He bids us to come to Him because He wants to lavish every good and perfect gift upon us, not harm us [James 1:17]. John 10:10 tells us His purpose in coming to earth: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Other translations say He has come to give us abundant life.
As Mark saw me round the corner, his chant became “Oh my goodness.” When the Lord sees you, He sees the one He loves. He only has eyes for you. You are truly the apple of His eye [Deuteronomy 32:10]. He doesn’t see what you see when you look in the mirror. He sees His beautiful princess and He has extended His royal scepter to you so you may approach Him [Esther 8:4]. You have access [Ephesians 2:8].
With my wedding, I had to spend months and months preparing before I could walk down the aisle as Mark’s bride. The beautiful thing about Jesus is there is no preparation needed. He wants you just the way you are. He is standing there looking, waiting for you to round the corner. He’s calling you forth. Do you hear Him?