Have you ever heard the phrase you have to spend money to make money? It is based on the concept of investing. Investing always comes with a risk. If you invest money, you have an opportunity to gain money when you invest it but you also have the opportunity to loose money.
Money isn’t the only thing you can invest. You can invest your time into things and reap a positive or negative return on your investment The investor is the person who has to determine if they are willing to take a risk for the possibility of great gain. There are some people who are willing to take the risk and dive in deep, either with money or time, because the chance of success is worth it to them. There are others who stand on the sidelines wishing for the result of success, but not willing to take the risks involved. They are either fearful or simply unwilling.
Many Christians are like this with their relationship with Jesus. They look at a fellow believer and admire the relationship they have with Jesus and some even go so far as to state they want that type of relationship with Him, yet they aren’t willing to invest the time, energy and effort necessary to obtain what they state they want.
If you want an intimate relationship with Jesus, it won’t happen by accident nor will it be luck. You will have to open yourself up, risk, and invest your time in building a relationship with Him. You’ll have to reveal your heart and be still while He reveals His to you [Psalm 46:10]. You’ll have to tell Him your desires and dreams and then surrender them completely to Him [Matthew 16:24]. You must be willing to be clay in His hands and allow Him to shape you and mold you into what He has determine you to be [Isaiah 64:8]. When you live life according to His plan, you are taking a big risk, but your reward will be beyond measure [Luke 6:35].
So, what are you willing to invest in today? When you invest in Jesus, the odds are always in your favor.