Do you ever find yourself listening to what the enemy says about you instead of asking God what He says about you? The enemy uses all sorts of mediums to work through: magazines, television, movies, music and other people to deliver his message today.
So many times we fall subject to the enemy’s lies before we even realize it. We begin judging ourselves, comparing ourselves to others. Am I too fat? Am I too short? Is my nose too big? Do I have a big butt? It starts at a very young age and we need to be on guard and stop it the moment those lies come to us. We need to send them to Jesus to deal with immediately without giving them a moment to take root [2 Corinthians 10:5].
In John 8:1-11 you see Satan using the Pharisees as his method of spewing falsehood. They were calling the woman an adulterous woman. They were ready to kill her. Jesus never referred to her by that title. He knew she had committed the sin of adultery; however, Jesus looked at her and He saw what she was created to be. He told her He did not condemn her and then He commanded her to go and leave her life of sin. Jesus recognized the sin was what she did, but it didn’t define who she was. The Pharisees only saw the sin. They never truly acknowledged the person.
Dear friends, we need to realize Jesus loves us and when He looks at us, He sees what we were created to be if we will surrender completely to Him. His Word is full of declarations of who you are a person.
Who will we believe, the father of all lies [John 8:44] or the Way and the Truth and the Life [John 14:6]? Are we going to believe the one who has plans to kill, steal and destroy us[John 10:10] or the One who has plans to prosper us, to give us a hope and a future [Jeremiah 29:11]?
As we spend more and more time in the Word, we will begin to realize who we were created to be. We will have our Sword raised up ready at a moment’s notice to deal with the serpent when he comes crawling around spewing his lies. Just like a soldier has to train to be ready for battle, we must spend time in the Word if we want to be ready. What are we waiting for?