Did you have a loving relationship with your father growing up? Many of us transfer our image of our earthly father onto our heavenly Father. If you had a great relationship with your father growing up, that may not be a problem; however some people aren’t as fortunate and assume God is judgmental and watching for them to mess up so He can punish them. Our heavenly Father loves us and desires to bless His children [Matthew 7:11].
There was a little girl who loved watching her mother get dressed up to go out. She particularly loved it when her mother wore her pearls. They were the little girl’s favorite. She wished she had some of her own.
The mom and the little girl happened to be in the department store when she saw some costume pearls for sale. They cost more money than the little girl had, but she desperately wanted them. The mother agreed to buy them and allow the little girl to pay her the difference after she got her allowance. The little girl loved her pearls and treasured them. She wore them every day.
After several weeks, the little girl’s father came in to tuck her in bed and asked her if she loved him. “Yes, Daddy!” she replied. “Then will you give me your pearls?” he asked. “Not the pearls, Daddy…anything but the pearls.” He tucked her in and kissed her goodnight. This same routine took place night after night for several nights. Finally, on the fifth night when the father came in to tuck the little girl in he asked again, “Will you give me your pearls?” With a trembling bottom lip and tears in her eyes, the little girl surrendered her pearls to her daddy. When she did, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a stunning necklace of real pearls and placed it around her neck. “I’ve been waiting for you to give me those cheap imitation pearls all week so I could give you a necklace of real pearls. I knew you’d love them and treasure them always.”
Friend, what are you refusing to surrender to your heavenly Father today? Do you trust Him? Do you know He has your best interest at heart always [John 10:10]. He is waiting patiently for you to give Him all you have so He can give you all He has for you. Will you surrender?