Did you like to play the game hide and seek as a child? I loved it and we played it all the time as a child. I would love going on the hunt for someone. It was like looking for hidden treasure.
This past week I was preparing for a ladies retreat. I knew we were going to have ministry time at the end of the teaching time, but I wasn’t completely sure how it would look. I kept asking the Lord to reveal to me how He wanted the ministry time to be and I felt like communion would be a part of it.
I was driving through town picking up some last minute items for the retreat when I felt like the Lord told me to turn into a shopping center and go to the antique store. After debating with Him for a few seconds, I felt strongly I was to go into the antique store.
I walked in the store and the man behind the counter asked “Can I help you?” How was I to know if he could help me? I didn’t even know why I was there. “No, thank you.” I replied and I began to walk the aisles. I told the Lord He would have to show me exactly why I was there.
As I walked and looked I began asking Him what I was looking for and why He wanted me there. I looked at the glassware and it hit me I had wanted to get a handmade pottery communion set. I am from North Carolina where there are fourth generation potters and I really want to go to Seagrove and have them make a set for me, but haven’t had time to go home.
Wow, now this was getting exciting. I felt like I had an idea of what I was looking for as I roamed the aisles. Handmade pottery isn’t cheap and in an antique store, I knew it would be expensive.
On the second to the last aisle, I found a beautiful chalice but there was no plate, bowl or basket to match it. The chalice was signed underneath and it was on sale for $12.99 and there was a coupon in the booth for 20% off. I had to laugh. A coupon God….really? He was cracking me up. I reminded Him it wouldn’t do me any good to have a chalice without a plate or something for the bread.
I began to carry the chalice in one hand and walk with the other hand out like I was waiting to receive something. It became like a treasure hunt. By this point, there was only one aisle left to walk down. I was talking out loud to God and I am certain if anyone saw me they thought I’d lost my mind.
As I was about to make the final turn, I looked to my left and there in the corner was a small pottery bowl. Its size was a perfect match to the chalice. It was also a signed piece of pottery and the colors in it were so close to the chalice that they looked like they were made to go together. The laughter came when I saw it was $6.00. I got the whole communion set for under $17.00. If you know anything at all about handmade pottery, you realize I couldn’t have purchased one of those pieces for $17.00. God is so good.
I came home and found myself reading in the Message. Jeremiah 29:13 read “When you come looking for Me, you’ll find Me. Yes, when you get serious about finding Me and want it more than anything else, I’ll make sure you won’t be disappointed.” I knew God was talking to me about our little shopping spree. I had been seeking His face in how the ministry time would look at the retreat and wanted Him to show me what to do. Not only did He give me direction on how the ministry time would look, He provided the tools I would use to do it. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
God isn’t just in the big picture of your life. He is in the ordinary details, if you’ll allow Him to be there. He wants to walk with you and talk with you throughout your day and help you along the way. The biggest score of the day wasn’t the pottery communion set for $17.00. It was when I realized God wants to be a part of the small details in my life and He will surprise me along the way, if I will pay attention and obey.