Is Jesus Lord of your life? I found I was asking myself that question this morning as I read through John 18. Jesus finished praying for His disciples and Judas shows up with the chain gang to arrest Jesus. Now this didn’t come as a suprirse to Jesus. He knew exactly what was happening. He was born for this very purpose.
Peter, however, didn’t understand what was going on. He got really mad and ended up cutting Malchus’ ear off in anger. Once Jesus remedied that situation, He willingly went with the soliders to finish what He came to earth to do and Peter followed at a distance. Jesus had warned Peter he would deny Him three times, but Peter swore he would never do such a thing [John 13:38]. When it happened, just as Jesus said, Peter faced reality [John 18:17, 18:25, and 18:26-27].
Peter, who had pledged to follow Jesus anywhere and everywhere, turned away and denied Him over and over. What about you? What about me? We say we are followers of Jesus, but do we deny Him too? Do our actions and words speak so loudly of our love, dedication and commitment to Jesus others wouldn’t even consider asking us if we belong to Him because it is so obvious? Or do our actions and words leave people wondering? Do we compromise our faith and allow the choices we make scream to the world, like Peter, “I’m not one of His!”
Lord Jesus, if we were put to the test, may we be found “GUILTY” of being a disciple of Yours. May our words and our deeds testify loudly to the world we are followers of Christ!