“Is God real?” At some point in time we’re all faced with difficulties and wonder if God is really there? Is He listening? Does He exist?
This past week I had the opportunity to travel through New Mexico and take in some of God’s magnificent artwork. At home, I’ve often said God was an amazing painter as He created all of the beautiful colors of the seasons. After having traveled in New Mexico, I would also have to say God is a fabulous sculptor. The mountains and rock formations I saw were incredible. They looked like perfectly chiseled works of art with such detail.
As you look at the detail of each of these amazing mountains, you can’t help but wonder how they were formed. After researching it, I learned it was exposure to harsh elements over time….storms, heat, wind, and rain. It is by going through the storm these mountains gain their deep beauty.
The Lord our God is the creator of the mountains, just as He is the creator of you and me [Genesis 1:26, Genesis 2:1]. He allows the mountains to go through storms knowing the end result will be their magnificent beauty as seen in the pictures. He also allows us to go through storms in life, because He knows the end result will be beautiful [Romans 5:3-5].
God does exist! He exists when things are going well for us and He exists when there are times of trouble. In fact, He is with us as we go through the storms [Luke 8:23-25]. He will not allow the storms to overtake us. Trust Him. He loves you, dearly and He will remain faithful to you forever [Psalm 33:4]