Isn’t this an interesting time of the year? It is a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior. You would think you would see more of the fruit of the Spirit [Galatians 5:22-23] but in some cases it appears the wheels have fallen off the bus. Instead of celebrating Christmas, many people celebrate Memas.
Are you familiar with Memas? It is a celebration that comes every December for some. It is celebrated by taking the Christ out of Christmas and putting “Me” there instead. I just read of this holiday this past weekend, however, I’ve been witnessing it for years without the official diagnosis.
People who have converted to the holiday Memas either never knew the Golden Rule or they’ve simply forgotten it [Luke 6:31]. You know the people. You’ve seen them out and about. They’re the ones who are rude to the sales clerk at the store and argue over a discount they should get, bringing the sales clerk to tears, then when they’re finished they smile and say “Merry Christmas!” Or they go flying into a parking space without taking the person waiting in the lane with their turn signal on into consideration. If you haven’t experienced these, maybe you’ve experienced the obligatory gift giving…when you have to give a gift to someone you didn’t intend to shop for because the family or office expects it.
It is easy to see why people can become discouraged and frustrated with the holiday season. If you don’t watch out it will become about get, get, get and me, me, me.
If you keep Christ in Christmas, it isn’t by accident. You take action to make it happen. You take time to pause during the hectic time of year and focus on the One we’re supposed to be celebrating. Think about His character. Think about how He would treat others. Think about His purpose for coming.
Jesus didn’t come to earth for a birthday party. He came for you and He came for me. He loves us and He didn’t want to spend eternity without us [John 3:16].
This season, when you are out and about on the brink of frustration, stop and remember what Christmas is truly about. Keeping a scripture verse or two in your pocket to refer to or memorizing them might help. You may even need to repeat them out loud. Who knows? You may find yourself with an opportunity to share with another.
Let’s rid our world of Memas this year and put Christ where He rightfully belongs….in the center!