Do you ever get in a rut? You know where you feel like you are just doing the same thing the same way with the same results? It can happen in all areas of life. You have to be willing to step it up a notch from time to time to prevent it from happening.
My husband and I have been going through a workout program together every morning at 5 a.m. He joined me late in the first phase of the program. I didn’t want to throw him into phase 2 of the workouts without allowing him time to build up his endurance and strength, so I did phase 1 for 3 additional weeks. I was sick of the phase 1 workouts by the end of his second week and dreaded each morning, facing the same ole thing because there was no challenge to it.
This week we started phase 2 and it was a struggle to get through the workouts these first two days. I have to dig deep and I am spent by the time we get to the end of the workouts, but I love it. I’m challenged and I know I am increasing in strength and endurance.
Many times in our spiritual workouts, our quiet time with Jesus, we get in a rut and we camp there. We read the same 2 or 3 devotionals, say a prayer and consider it done. We don’t feel stretched or challenged in any way and after a while we come to dread it like I was dreading the workouts. We must dive deep into the Word of God and really work at uncovering the mysteries of God. Job 11:7 throws out a challenge to us. Are we willing to take it on? It’s work. God is clear in Jeremiah 29:13. He reveals things to those who seek Him with their whole heart. 2 Chronicles 16:9 tells us the Lord will “strongly support those whose is heart completely His.”
Working out with God is not for the faint of heart. He makes you work and He takes you deep, but just like with exercise, you get out of it what you’re willing to invest. Beth Moore has often said people come up to her at speaking engagements and say, “I want what you have.” They can have it, but they have to be willing to dig like she does, invest time like she does, and forsake other things like she does and make the things of God a priority.
Are you ready for a spiritual workout today? I would encourage you to grab your Bible, a journal and a pen and sit before the Lord asking Him to be your trainer. He’s the best one alive. You can pick up His resume, the Bible, and read testimony after testimony of the benefits of working out with Him.