Have you ever been in a store with a young child only to turn around and find them missing? It is a frightening experience for a parent. Your heart goes into overdrive immediately and panic wells up in your throat as you begin to cry out their name. Fortunately for me, whenever that happened, which wasn’t often, my son or daughter was on the next aisle looking at candy. I was able to find them quickly. I would be filled with joy and celebration when I found them- safe.
Other parents are not so lucky. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 800,000 children under the age of 18 are reported missing each year. Those parents are searching, worried about what dangers their children are facing. Are they safe?
Now think of the heart of the Father. His children go missing each day, each hour, each minute. His heart aches because He knows the lengths the enemy will go to keep His children from Him [John 10:10]. He knows the danger they are in. His desire is for abundant life for His children and the enemy is forever prowling around looking for one of them to destroy [1 Peter 5:8].
The Father will go to great lengths to find one of His missing children and bring them back to Himself [Luke 15:4-32]. He will celebrate when they return and lavish them with love.
Just as a parent of a missing child seeks the help of anyone and everyone to find their child, the Father seeks the help of those in the Body of Christ to find His missing children. However, we do not spring into action with the same level of urgency as those hunting the forest or community for a lost child. He calls us to go and find His lost children and lead them back home [Matthew 28:18-20]. We are to put no boundaries to where we are called to go [Acts 1:8]. He asks us to help Him complete the search even to the ends of the earth.
If you are a parent, you understand His willingness to never give up, never quit until His children are all found. He’s crying out for help. Will you raise your hand and volunteer to go? Will He hear you declare “Here am I. Send me!” [Isaiah 6:8]. He’s waiting. What will your answer be?