Do you ever feel like someone is watching you, waiting for you? I recently converted our dining room into the office for Righteous Relationships. I chose that room primarily because it was the one available, but I love how it is on the back side of the house and gives me privacy and a view into the back yard through the double windows.
Rosie is my golden retriever. She is a mama’s girl. She loves the backyard, especially when it is sunny and warm. She will go out back and lie in the grass and soak up the sunshine. However, recently she has discovered mama’s office. She will come to the windows and just sit and look at me. If she could talk, I’m certain she would say “Yes, I’m here. I know you know I’m right here. Aren’t you going to pay me any attention? I want to spend time with you. Stop whatever you’re doing and pay attention to me. I’m more important than whatever you’re working on.” Sometimes she will give up and go lie down by the back door, but more often than not, she’ll just lie down by the windows so she can keep her eye on me.
In Matthew 28:20, the Lord declares He is with us always. As Rosie watches me through the window, He is watching us always, looking for us to commit to Him fully so He can support us in all we do [2 Chronicles 16:9]. He desires for us to seek Him first, before we do anything else in our day [Matthew 6:33]. If we will put Him first and grant Him time each day, He will ensure all that needs to get accomplished will. His plans will not be thwarted [Isaiah 14:27].
Each morning when you wake up, He is there. When you climb out of bed, He is there. What will you do about it [Revelation 3:20]? Will you continue on about your day with your plans, or will you pause and bend your knee to the One who loves you more than life itself [John 3:16]? Will you concede to His plans for your day [Isaiah 55:8]?
He is worthy of your time and your dedication and His plans are always better than yours. Will you trust Him with your day today?