Are you a good friend? Are you willing to put other’s needs ahead of your own or are you always looking out for number one? Acquaintances are a dime a dozen, especially if you have something to offer, but good friends are truly a gift from God.
Mark 2:1-5 tells the story of a person who was paralyzed. He knew Jesus was the answer to his problem, but he couldn’t get to him. How many times do we feel buried under our problems? We know Jesus is the answer, but we just don’t have the strength to even cry out to Him. Fortunately for the man in Mark 2, he had four good friends who knew of his struggles and knew he was unable to help himself. They came along beside him and did what had to be done to carry him to Jesus.
When they got to the place where Jesus was teaching, there was no room for them. They were not put off. They didn’t get discouraged and say, “Oh well, we tried.” They began to search for another way. I love this guys friends, because they simply wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. They were very determined. They would not quit. It says in verse 4 they took him to the roof and dug a hole in it to lower him down before Jesus.
Can you imagine the amount of strength, energy, time and commitment these guys poured into getting their friend what he needed. They wanted him healed. They knew they couldn’t do it but they knew who could and they weren’t about to stop short of victory.
They had to maneuver their way on top of the roof with their friend sitting on a mat and not drop him. Accomplishing such was very impressive, but they didn’t stop there. They were committed to victory. They had to remove the tiles on the rooftop and then begin digging a hole into the roof. Nowhere does it say they discussed who would pay for the damages to the house they were dismantling. None of them said to the others, “I appreciate the idea and all, but I’ve got to think of myself and my family. I can’t afford to pay to have this roof fixed.” They just went after their friend’s healing for all they were worth.
Proverbs 18:24 tells us there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Are you that kind of friend? Are you the kind of friend who thinks of others first and yourself later? Jesus was that kind of friend. He didn’t stop at the crowded room or even the obstacle of the rooftop. He gave it all [John 3:16]. He is looking for some friends who are as committed to Him as He is to them [2 Chronicles 16:9]. He wants that kind of friend on His team so He can send them out to be Jesus with skin on [Matthew 25:40].
Sit with the Father today and ask Him to search your heart and reveal what type of friend you are to Him and others. If you don’t like what you see, ask Him to help you to change. He will. It is His desire we pour ourselves out [Philippians 2:17] for Him and others.