Do you have songs you hear and think you could have written? I love the song “Me and Becky” by Chris Rice. It was a song on one of his CDs from 2003 and a friend of mine gave it to me before my first mission trip to Ghana. She said the song sounded like I had written it. It talks about how we live life doing the expected Christian things, but is it enough or is there more. Should we be doing more than the status quo? The chorus is of the song says:

C’mon Becky, let’s go for a ride
If I’m driving too fast then I apologize
But there’s a world out there that we left behind
Full of souls as important as yours and mine
Looks like a reckless road, and a sacrifice
And I’m crazy scared it may cost our lives
But then I remember Jesus died
So c’mon Becky
Let’s go for a ride

It is a challenge to live beyond ourselves for others. Jesus tells us He did not come to be served, but to serve [Mark 10:45]. He challenges us to do the very same things in the Great Commission [Matthew 28:19-20]. We are to pour our lives out for others as an offering to Him. It requires sacrifice, which isn’t a word we like to talk about in our culture. It may require we direct our money, our time and our energy differently. We will most likely look different from those around us, but it will be worth it. Jesus is asking you to join Him for the ride of your life. Are you willing to climb aboard? Don’t miss the fun. Don’t miss the opportunity. Don’t miss Jesus!