Are you a good listener or do you have what Bill Cosby calls selective hearing? You know what I’m talking about. You stand in front of the person speaking to you giving all of the proper nods and verbal responses to indicate you’ve heard everything they’ve said, but you haven’t.
Every now and then my sweet husband will suffer from a case of selective hearing. We’ll walk into a Target or the grocery store planning to divide and conquer so we can get done quickly. I’ll ask him to get one or two things and then I’ll tell him where I’m going and I’m off to pick up the rest of the items. He’ll nod okay and I’ll walk off, then he stands there trying to figure out where I’ve gone, what I’m gathering and what he’s supposed to be getting.
In John 2:5 Mary and Jesus were at a wedding feast. There was a problem and she told the servants to “Do whatever He tells you.” Jesus gave them instructions and when they followed them, the result was wonderful.
It would be great if we would learn from this and put it into practice; however, we all suffer from selective hearing from time to time. God tells us what to do in a given situation and sometimes we respond accordingly and other times we stand there confused, trying to figure out where He is and what He told us to do.
In Luke 11:28 Jesus said “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” The blessings come from listening and obeying.
What has God told you to do lately? Have you been listening? Are you doing it? Take some time to find out what He would have you do today and then as Nike says, “Just do it!” If you do, you will be blessed.