Are you a music person? I love music of all kinds, but particularly worship music. I keep my iPod on, turned down low, playing worship music in my office. It immediately draws my focus where it needs to be when I enter my office. God uses it to really speak to me.
This morning I walked in the office to send a prayer request to a friend. I wanted her to pray for my son, Sam, who has his driving test today at 5 p.m. As I sat down to write, the song I’m Laying Down My Isaac by Susan Shreer began to play. Now was it coincidence or was it the Lord speaking to me? I have a favorite saying: Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.
I believe the Lord was reminding me Sam ultimately belongs to Him and I need to trust the Lord to take care of him. Sam, like Isaac, is my first born son. In fact, he’s my only son. Driving him to the Department of Motor Vehicles and surrendering him for his driving test may be hard, but it isn’t quite like placing him on an altar and drawing a knife to sacrifice him in obedience to God. However, each day I must surrender him and his sister to the Lord just as Abraham had to do with Isaac [Genesis 22:1-14].
When the Lord spoke to Abraham, Abraham didn’t debate with the Lord or even question Him. It says “early the next morning” Abraham got up and began doing exactly what the Lord called him to do. He was called to do it and Abraham responded immediately.
Do you respond immediately when the Lord calls you to do something or do you put it off under the guise of making sure it was the Lord? Do you debate with Him, trying to wheel and deal with the Lord? We have a saying at our house: Slow obedience is disobedience. When we do things in our own timing, we are not being obedient to the Lord. Proverbs 21:3 says “To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.”
What is He calling you to do today? Don’t waste any time. To quote Nike, “Just do it!”