Do you use a 12 month calendar or an 18 month calendar? I like the 18 month version so I can put one whole school year’s activities in on one calendar. It helps me keep life organized at our house.
I love getting home with a new calendar. The whole thing is a clean slate. Nothing is written on it and I get to decide what to write down. It never takes long for it to fill up, but I know each year I will start with a clean slate.
In Christ, each day is a new day. We have the opportunity to confess our sins and have the slate wiped clean and new [Romans 10:9]. He cleanses us and makes us as white as snow [Isaiah 1:8]. We have the opportunity to focus on a new day and choose what gets written about us and our responses to life each day. We need not worry about tomorrow or the next day because they haven’t started yet [Matthew 6:34]. We simply need to focus on the day at hand.
I decide what gets written down on my calendar. We choose how we handle situations each day. Sometimes we make a poor choice and sin, but His grace is sufficient for those times [2 Corinthians 12:9]. As we grow in our relationship with the Lord and plant His Word inside our hearts, we will choose more wisely [James 1:21]. The ultimate choice we face is who holds the pen.
It’s a new day. How will your part in it read? Will you keep the pen in your hand writing as you go, or will you trust the One who already knows all things to write what happens in your life today [John 21:17]? His hand is extended towards you and He is waiting. You must decide who will hold the pen?