Have you ever been white water rafting? I had my first experience this past week in Colorado. We took a break from the horseback riding to go white water rafting. I was a little nervous going into it. I’m not the greatest swimmer. I almost drown once, so I have a great respect for water. I also get motion sickness sometimes; however, I didn’t want to disappoint my children by sitting out from the adventure, so I went.
As we gathered our gear and listened to the safety talk, my stomach started churning. He had to tell us all of the things that could go wrong. Why couldn’t he simply say we were going to have a wonderful time and all would be well? Fear started creeping in and by the time we got to Grizzly Creek where we put in, I was a nervous wreck inside. I made sure it didn’t show, but I was having a real battle going on inside.
Our guide suggested anyone with motion sickness issues sit in the middle of the raft. He then went on to say no on had ever gotten sick on one of his rides. Great! Now I could be a first. I climbed in and dug my feet under the seat in front of me for dear life and we were off.
We began floating down the river and it was so relaxing and peaceful. It took me a while to realize this is how most of the ride would be. I began looking up, enjoying Glenwood Canyon and all of the beauty around me. We hit the first rapids and it was actually fun. Before it was all over and done, I was fighting my son for the opportunity to sit on the point of the raft, called the bull, to ride through the rapids. I was hooked! I loved it and fear had almost kept me from experiencing this time with my family.
2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” In fact, in God’s Word He tells us not to fear over 300 times. When we fall subject to fear, we are relying on our own abilities and resources instead of our mighty God’s abilities and resources.
The circumstances didn’t look positive for Gideon when he took 300 soldiers with him to fight the Midianite army; however, you can read in Judges 6 and 7 of how God delivered the Midianites into Gideon’s hands.
With God on your side, you need not fear. He takes care of His children and He will deliver you from your enemies. What are you fearing today? Are you facing it alone or have you gone to your Father and told Him your fears, asking Him to guide and direct you? There are many blessings to be gained in overcoming your fears. Don’t let fear keep you from enjoying the ride.