Do you like to follow or lead? I am one of those people who by nature leads. It has been said where there is a void of leadership, I’ll step in. I am not sure if that is always a good thing; however, someone has to lead.
My son, Sam, had a lacrosse clinic in Rome this weekend (Georgia, not Italy, although I wish). It was a Sunday afternoon and Monday morning clinic for goalies. I went up with him on Sunday but had to leave early Monday morning for a meeting in Peachtree City, so we took two cars.
On Sunday he followed me to the school where the clinic was being held. Once we knew where the school was located, we drove to our hotel. As I made the turn into the hotel, I noticed he continued going straight. He took his eyes off of my car for a moment and when he looked up again, he couldn’t find me. Thank goodness for cell phones. He was able to call me and I directed him back to me without a problem.
In our Christian journey, many of us have followed Jesus for a long time [Psalm 119:33]. As we’ve become comfortable with where we are in relation to Him, we feel more confident in taking our eyes off of Him for a moment [Proverbs 21:2]. When we do, we end up somewhere we were never intended to be. Fortunately for us, we don’t need a cell phone to call out to Jesus. We simply need to call out His name and He is there for us [Jeremiah 33:3]. If we ask, He will direct us back to where He intended for us to be all along [Proverbs 3:5-6].
When Sam listened to my instructions, he found his way to our hotel without any problems. We need to listen to our heavenly Father and trust in what He tells us and shows us. We must fix our eyes on Jesus [Proverbs 4:25; Hebrews 12:2]. He will never lead us astray [1 John 3:7]. With Him, we will never be lost.