Have you ever met someone who was close to accepting Christ as their Savior, but they hadn’t yet? So many people believe they have to get their life in order, get cleaned up so to speak, before coming to Jesus. If you look through Scripture you find people who were brought to Jesus in the midst of their sin [John 8:1-11]. Some didn’t even realize they were talking to Jesus at the time their sinful nature became evident [John 4:5-30]. Others came to Jesus declaring their unworthiness and were received immediately [Luke 23:39-43].
Charles Sineath summed it up when he said, “In the Kingdom of God, it’s not how you come to Jesus, it’s what you do after you have encountered Him.” We were not called to be servants who obeyed orders and went politely back to our quarters for the night. We were called to be children of God, joint heirs with Christ [Romans 8:17]. We were invited to partner with Jesus in doing the Father’s work. When He was finished with His job on earth, He declared His part here finished [John 19:30]. He left us instructions on what we are to do during our time on earth. We will discover those as we develop a relationship with Him. He isn’t just kicking back on a cloud eating chocolate truffles waiting for us to hurry up and figure things out. He is still in a partnership with us. He intercedes on our behalf without ceasing [Romans 8:34]. He also sent the Counselor to us to help us and guide us in all we do [John 16:7]. The Counselor is the Holy Spirit and He will order our steps and direct our path if we allow Him [Psalm 119:35].
We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. What we do with it is up to us. Are we going to be about our Father’s business [Luke 2:49] or are we going to waste it away on things that are here today and gone tomorrow [Matthew 6:30]. We only have one life to live. At the end of our life, a tombstone will reveal the year we were born and the year we died. While both of those matter, what matters most is the dash. What did we do in between those two dates? The choice is up to you.