Are you a bargain hunter? I love a good bargain. In fact, when my grandmother was alive, we had a running competition to see who could get the greatest bargain. I hold the record. I bought three pair of gym shorts for a grand total of $0.17. They were first quality off a clearance rack.
Bargains come with a triple blessing. First, you get an item that you want. Second, you spend much less for the item than it was originally priced. And finally, you get the joy of sharing the find with others. I was volunteering as the greeter at our church yesterday and a woman I hadn’t met walked in the door. I commented on her shoes and she turned to me and said, “Aren’t they great. I got them for $4.00 off the clearance rack at Payless.” We love to tell perfect strangers of our finds.
While I am proud of my three pair of shorts for $0.17, they weren’t the greatest bargain I ever found. The greatest bargain, bar none, was my salvation. My salvation cost Christ everything [1 John 3:16]. He paid my debt in full [Romans 6:10]. I paid nothing [Revelation 22:17]. All I have to do is receive the gift He gave by claiming Him as my Savior [Romans 10:9]. Now that is a bargain if I’ve ever seen one.
Why is it we will tell a perfect stranger about our deal on our shoes or sporting equipment or even a stock trade, but we won’t tell them about the greatest bargain of our lifetime? We have trouble even telling those we know. We claim to love Jesus with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind and all of our strength, yet we won’t do what He asks us to do [Mark 12:30, Matthew 28:18-20]. He simply wants us to tell others about the great bargain we’ve received from Him. Are you willing?