How many of you would love to pull through the Starbucks drive through, place your order and when you get to the window you hear, your bill was already paid? It would be a great treat, would it not? I can imagine the big smile on your face as you pull your car away. Not only that, but I bet you would tell others about the wonderful blessing of having your Venti Non-fat Chai Latte paid for by someone you don’t even know. The story might even spread to others as your friends share what happened to you that day with their family and friends.
Why is it we’ll share about a free Chai with great excitement and will even tell the perfect stranger in the Target line, but we won’t tell our friends and family about Jesus? He paid a much larger bill for something that matters so much more than a Chai…YOU [John 10:15]. Christ died for you and for me. All we have to do is receive Him and share the blessing with others [John 1:11]. Let’s face it; you can’t give what you don’t have. In order to share Christ with others, you must receive Him first. You could hold the winning ticket to the Georgia lottery, but until you turn it in and receive the money, you’ve got nothing. Open your heart to Jesus today and receive all of Him and then give Him all of you in return. Be willing to be His partner in ministry and the blessings will far exceed a free drink from Starbucks!