Do you have a pet? I have a Golden Retriever and her name is Rosie. She is 8 ½ years old and she is a sweet soul. Although my children were the ones who requested a dog, it is obvious to everyone she is my dog. She picked me. When she is excited, she’ll run to me and when she is sad, she’ll come to me.
Rosie has been having some trouble with ear infections. The funny thing is I grew up with horrible ear infections, so my heart is tendered to anyone on two legs or four who experiences them. They shut you down, and that is exactly what was happening with Rosie.
The vet has prescribed multiple antibiotics and ear drops off and on over the past 7 months trying to get a handle on the situation. Finally, yesterday he said she had to spend the day with him to have a procedure done. They had to flush out and dig out any infection from the ears. It didn’t sound like it would be a pleasant situation, but I knew the end result would make her feel better and get her closer to complete healing. As those sweet brown eyes looked up to me, I assured her she would be okay and I would come and take her home later. I have her a hug and off she went.
There are times when we experience similar situations. We have something buried deep inside of us or storms we’re walking through we need to deal with and the process may even be painful; however, the end result will make us feel better and bring about our healing. We have to be willing to go to the root of the problem and remove it [Matthew 3:10]. Just like with Rosie’s ears, this may take some digging. One thing is certain; we can count on our Daddy to be close at hand. He will never leave us nor forsake us through this difficult time [Deuteronomy 31:6]. We can trust Him in all things [Romans 15:13].
Are you experiencing a storm right now? Do you have pain buried deep inside from something done to you or something you did? Allow Daddy to clean it out and restore you. Restoration is His heart for you. It may be difficult to walk through, but you will not walk through it alone and the end result will be worth it.