Do you prefer to pack your car when you go on vacation? I am usually the packer in our family. I learned from the best. My Daddy could take three carloads full of luggage and supplies and miraculously get it to fit into the trunk of our car. It always amazed me. I grew up watching him do it every trip we took and eventually, learned how to do it myself. That skill has paid off many times in my adult life, especially when packing for a mission trip.
Yesterday the team arrived and we began labeling, sorting, and packing the tubs like wild. We managed to fit about 30 tubs worth of supplies into our tubs. The team has no idea of the impact these simple things we’re taking will have on the Ghanaian people. To those who donated supplies, thank you. You gave what you had like the young boy in John 6:9. Many of you gave money for our Miracle Meals for the ladies retreats. Raising $5000 seemed like a lofty goal, but the plans of the Lord stand firm and it was our belief He planned to bless these ladies with more than spiritual food [Psalm 33:11]. We collected well above the $5000 we hope to collect. God’s economy is always abundance and more [Malachi 3:10]. With the overflow, we were able to take an extra tub of supplies to bless the children at the orphanages.
Tomorrow we will meet at Riverstone Church to load our luggage, pray and be on our way. We covet your prayers as we go and we thank you for taking this journey with us. You may not be going physically, but you are a critical part of this team. You are the friends that lower us on the mat to Jesus as we serve the people of Ghana [Luke 5:19]. Thank you for your faithfulness.