On the road again…..here we go on the road again! We loaded everything at 5:45 a.m. and began saying our goodbyes to Janet. She showed me the place she sleeps. It was nothing more than a walk-in closet size room with hotel supplies stored in there and a mattress on the floor. Heaven, help her. She shared how her sister isn’t kind to her. I picked up on some bitterness and told her we needed to pray that away so the Lord could bless her. I shared how bitterness was a stronghold that would keep her from God’s blessings. She was eager to do it.
The GGs gathered around her and we prayed. It was powerful. We reminded her she had 7 sisters in Christ and she would never be alone again. We would pray for her daily. She was overflowing with joy as we drove away.
We had our breakfast in the van and were talking through all God did in Bolga when Eddie suddenly pulled the van over in the middle of nowhere. The van was overheating. He seemed very concerned, but we had all seen God move so many times, we knew He would take care of this also. We began praying. Eddie and I were filling water in the engine and suddenly we hear Gina say, “Stop it! In Jesus name, no more! We’re breaking that off in Jesus name!” She was overcome by the power of God as she ministered to one of the GGs. It was powerful and amazing to witness. When she was finished, she turned to us all and said, “What just happened?” Miraculously, when that was finished the van started running again and we didn’t have another issue with it. God’s goodness just keeps getting better and better.
We arrived at Adullam at 5 p.m. We greeted Pastor James and told him we were in great need of rest. We were headed to the guest house and would see them in the morning.
The guest house looked worse than last time. It was the first sign of what the orphanage had gone through since Maama Louise has been sick. She used to be an amazing fundraiser and since her illness, she hasn’t been able to go out and solicit funds for the orphanage. It broke my heart. The GGs hung in there with me. As Margaret said, “This gives new meaning to the phrase ‘Suck it up!’” We made the best of it and kept on trucking.
Bedtime couldn’t come fast enough. This was the first stop with now AC in our bedrooms. This would stretch us a little more still. Keep praying. God’s moving!