Coconut Grove, here we come! After pouring ourselves out over two weeks, we were ready for some down time. We need to process and ponder all we’ve experienced.
We loaded the van and drove to the orphanage for one last “I love you” and goodbye hugs. We gave all of the children a lollipop, which they call toffee. They were all smiles and filled with joy. It made it easier for us to leave.
As we drove the 4 hour drive through villages, we saw people dressed in black and red walking down the street. Saturday is funeral and wedding day in Ghana. If you’re going to a wedding you wear black and white clothing and if you are going to a funeral you wear black and red. Based on our observations, a lot of people in Ghana died this week.
We arrived at the El Mino Slave Castle at 2 p.m. for a tour. It was eye opening to see how slavery began on this side of the world. It was heart breaking to learn many of the people who sold slaves in Ghana were other Ghanaians selling their kinsmen.
Coconut Grove was a much needed place of restoration. We unloaded our things, changed our clothes and went for a walk on the beach. We had a delicious dinner on the beach as we discussed some of our favorite memories. Some of them made us all laugh and many of them brought us to tears. My precious GGs blessed me with a sterling silver necklace with all of the Adinkra symbols on it. I was moved to tears.
This has been an amazing journey. Tomorrow morning we will have church on the beach and then head to the airport. We’re coming home.
If you see us around and we seem a little weepy, understand it will take time for us to process all we’ve been through. Sometimes it takes months to download it all and work through the emotions. Have patience with us and please continue to pray for us. I will meet you all back here in a couple of days to see what God has for us all in His word. I love you and thank you for your continued prayer covering. We’ve felt the strength they have provided.