Hello, dear friends. My children have next week off of school for Thanksgiving, so I am closing the office to spend the week with my family. I pray you have a wonderful time with family and friends as you gather around the table.

Take this opportunity to feast on the many blessings of God as well as the food before you. Allow the Lord to put you in remembrance of all He has done for you and then take the time to thank Him and those He has used to be a blessing in your life.

As I’ve said recently, I thank God for each of you. Without readers, there would be no reason to write. Knowing that you’re out there sharing these nuggets of gold God has given me to write about blesses me more than you’ll ever know. Some of you I’ve never had the privilege to meet face to face, but we share a connection that only comes from Jesus. I thank you for your comments and emails of encouragement and I pray blessings over you and your family during this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving.