Do you have a nativity scene you set up for Christmas? I have several of them in my house. I brought one back from my first trip to Ghana; I have one the children have played with for years; and I have a porcelain one I bought when I got married. They are all unique and hold special meaning to me.
When I was a young girl, I played with the little girl across the street from time to time. She was a couple of years younger than me, but we both liked playing with Barbies. One Saturday close to Christmas we were playing at her house and I noticed her family’s nativity scene. I was shocked to see Jesus was missing from their nativity. Being the helpful child that I was, I began looking desperately for Jesus. I found him tucked up high on a shelf. I managed to climb up and pull Jesus down and announce with great satisfaction to everyone “I found Jesus.” I just knew Mrs. Pelzar was going to be thrilled with me because I found her missing Jesus; however, she wasn’t happy with me at all. Apparently, it was their family tradition to keep Jesus hidden until Christmas day and then He would appear in the manger, so instead of helping them, I ruined their family tradition that year.
Unfortunately, there are many people who go through the Christmas season with Jesus missing. Our culture has pushed the commercial side of Christmas so much people get wrapped up in the “to do” lists, the parties, the decorating, the gifts they feel obligated to purchase, the wrapping, the baking, and the bills to pay. There seems to be no room for Jesus…sound familiar.
In Luke 2 we find the Christmas story. Verse 7 tells us there was no room in the inn for Jesus so He had to be born in a stable and sleep in a manager. The King of kings and the Lord of lords loved you and I enough to step down from heaven, where He was waited on hand and foot and lacked for nothing, to come in a suit of skin and be placed in a manger where He lacked almost everything [Revelation 19:16]. Jesus made room for us in the Kingdom by coming to earth, even when no room was made for Him in the inn.
My question for you today is, have you made room for Jesus in your life this Christmas or is He missing? He is waiting and very willing to be the center of your Christmas this year. Are you willing to place Him there or do you have Him sitting up on a shelf only to bring Him out for a few minutes Christmas morning? Today you have the opportunity to decide what part Jesus will play in your Christmas.