Have you enjoyed the snow and ice? There have certainly been some high points to this forced break from our daily routines. One has been playing in the snow with the kids. We live on a big hill and our driveway was a solid sheet of ice. Since we don’t have a sled, we grabbed what we had…metal kitchen trays…and went flying down the driveway, across the street and halfway into our neighbor’s yard. It was so much fun.
I’ve also enjoyed taking time to visit with my neighbors I never seem to see. Life takes us in multiple directions and our paths just don’t cross, even though we live beside one another or across the street. How sad it that? I’ve also enjoyed some spontaneous visits from other neighbors.
I read in Genesis 18:1-15 how Abraham went to great lengths to entertain three strangers who visited his tent. He ordered a calf killed and prepared, he asked Sarah to make fresh bread, he gathered fresh milk and cheese and then he brought it all to his guests and served them. In Abraham’s time one’s reputation was directly linked to his hospitality to others. People would go out of their way for perfect strangers. Can you imagine what they did for those they knew well and had planned to entertain?
When was the last time you put your life on pause for another, especially a perfect stranger? When was the last time you did something for a neighbor or friend just because and blessed them? In Matthew 25:40 Jesus says “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.” Jesus takes it seriously when people care for members of His family. He also takes is serious when people don’t do for His family [Matthew 25:41].
It’s time we take time to care and do for others. Are you snowed in your home right now? Find something you can do for another, even if it is simply calling them on the phone to encourage them. Are you able to travel about without the weather being a concern? Ask the Lord who He would like to bless through you today? You don’t have to prepare a feast like Abraham prepared. There are so many simple things you can do to bless others. You’ll find yourself blessed in return.