Are you a persistent person? Do you go after something until you get it? I remember in graduate school a professor required we all learn to juggle for a grade. He knew no one in the room could do it and he wanted us all to experience the frustration of learning something new and he knew we’d be better teachers because of it. I remember staying up late at night practicing and dropping more than I juggled. We only had to do it for a minute to get an A, but I was determined I would do it and I would do it longer than a minute. By God’s grace I finally managed to juggle and get my grade.
In Luke 18:35-43 we read about a man who was persistent. He was blind and forced to beg for his very livelihood. He heard Jesus was coming his way and he began to call out to Him in a loud voice. People were trying to quiet him so he wouldn’t draw attention to himself; however, he was persistent [vs. 39]. He knew Jesus could heal him and he wasn’t going to stop until he had an audience with Jesus. When the people tried to quiet him, he just cried out all the more.
You’ve heard the expression, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” well the man managed to get Jesus’ attention. Jesus didn’t beat around the bush. He came right out and asked “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus doesn’t play games with us. He doesn’t require we jump through hoops to make our requests known to Him. The man didn’t flinch when Jesus asked this question. He boldly said “I want to see.” Notice he didn’t say I want you to heal me if you can. He had the faith. He knew Jesus could heal him. He didn’t doubt it. He knew all he had to do was get to Jesus.
Throughout scripture we read of person after person after person who is healed by Jesus. More than once he tells them their faith healed them [Matthew 9:22, Mark 5:34, Mark 10:52, Luke 8:48, and Luke 18:42].
Why don’t we see more healing in our day? It’s not because Jesus isn’t here, because He is alive, able and willing. We are lacking in faith. Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” What are you hoping for today? If you can see it with your eyes, if it is a sure thing, faith is not required. Ask Him to increase your faith today.