Friends, I after posting my blog this morning, I felt led to send an additional message and clarify what I was NOT saying in that message. There are times God does not heal people on this side of heaven. I experienced this personally as I cried out for God to heal a precious friend of mine from breast cancer, but instead He called her home. I can’t begin to understand why, but I do know God is good, He loves us and He has great plans for us.
I also know throughout the Word of God Jesus states the people he healed were healed because of their faith. I don’t want to miss out on healing because I lacked faith to believe He would do it. My challenge to each of you is to pray without ceasing, truly contending for healing when it is needed, and trust the results to the Lord. Our faith is in the man, Jesus, not in the results we get when we pray. Our circumstances should not determine our devotion to Him. Know that I love you all and appreciate your faithfulness to meet me here each day.
Blessings- Susan