Don’t you just love springtime? Everything about it seems so colorful and lively. I love waking up to the sounds of songbirds announcing the new day. I love seeing the vibrant colors as flowers burst forth turning their faces to the sun. It all seems so cheerful and puts me in a good mood. Springtime to me is a reminder of the Lord’s commitment to bring dead things to life. I don’t know how people can experience the changing of the seasons and still believe there is no God.
Along with the beautiful flowers of springtime, come the weeds. Weeds can take a beautiful flower garden and make it a complete mess. They have to go and you have to be careful about how you get rid of them or they will come back. If you leave them alone, they will choke out other plants [Matthew 13:22]. You must remove weeds and their roots to make sure they won’t return. The same is true with sin. When we realize something in our life is not of God and we attempt to remove it, we need to make certain the root is gone as well or it will return. The root will determine the plant. “If the root is holy, so are the branches.” [Romans 11:16]. However, if the root is unholy, so are the branches. If weeds are not uprooted and removed from a flower garden, they tend to multiply and the same is true with sin. One sin tends to lead to another and another.
I know it is time to weed your flowerbeds, but is there an area of your life that needs weeding as well? Are there books or movies you’re exposing yourself to that don’t honor God? Are there people you’re spending time with that lead to conversations or choices that don’t honor God? If you answered yes to either of those questions, all is not lost. It’s just time to do a little gardening in your life and get rid of the weeds. God has too much sown into your life to allow the weeds to choke it out. A beautiful garden of color created by God awaits you. It’s time to start digging!