What are some of the things you do to celebrate Holy Week? I remember we used to go to church on Thursday night to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. It was typically a combined service between two or three churches in our community and rotated from church to church each year. I always enjoyed that service because it made me think about the Lord’s last night with His friends before the crucifixion.
You know there had to be some laughter in the room. After all, Jesus had gathered together with His 12 best friends over a meal. I don’t know about you, but when I gather with a group of close friends, there’s always laughter. Then the seriousness of the hour was in the air also. I can almost hear the water pouring into the bowl as Jesus prepared to wash the disciples’ feet [John 13:1-5]. I have to admit I probably would have been like Peter and protested out of ignorance [John 13:6-9]. In fact, I did experience the same thing when those leading our intercessory prayer time at church had a foot washing. I remember sitting there waiting for my turn, arguing with God in my head. “I don’t want my feet washed. I’m not worthy to have my feet washed. I think I’m just going to go.” As clearly as if it were you speaking to me, I heard “Your feet aren’t washed because you’re worthy. Your feet are washed because I am worthy of your obedience.”
What is God calling you to do today that you feel unworthy to do? Is it to speak out to another? Teach? Go on a mission trip? Whatever He is calling you to do, do it, not because you are worthy, but because He is worthy of your obedience. Hebrews 13:20-221 reminds us He doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.