Have you ever been thirsty to the point you felt sick with dehydration? Athletes need to be careful to hydrate themselves to avoid getting sick and to avoid injury. When you travel to high altitudes or to places close to the equator you have to be careful to hydrate yourself because you lose more water than you realize and you can become sick before you know it.
Water is one of the main things our body needs. We need water to be healthy and when we don’t have enough of it, our body lets us know it. There are symptoms of dehydration that alert you to an impending problem. Some of those symptoms are headache, thirst, loss of appetite, dark colored urine, dry mouth, fatigue or weakness, and flushing skin. You don’t have to have all of these symptoms for your body to be dehydrated. When any of them occur, it is best to hydrate immediately.
One of the main things our spirit and soul need to be healthy is Jesus. We were created for relationship with Him. When we do not have enough time with Him, we will get sick. King David understood this when he wrote Psalm 42:1-2 “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?” In Isaiah 55:1 we are told “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” We have a standing invitation from the Lord to come to Him to receive what we need.
In John 4:1-30 Jesus spoke to a Samaritan woman about the living water He offers. In verses 13-14 Jesus told her “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”
Just as our physical body manifests symptoms of dehydrations when we don’t drink enough water, we display symptoms when we have failed to hydrate our spirits. Some examples are we begin making poor choices that lead to sin and we begin to put ourselves ahead of others. As the distance between us and the Lord increases, so do our problems.
We need to drink daily from the well of Christ so we remain hydrated in the spirit. When we are properly hydrated by the Lord, we are more equipped to avoid sin. We become vessels of life to a hurting world. When our vessel is filled daily, we can pour into others.
Are you thirsty today? Drink deep from the wellspring of life. You are welcome to have your fill, because the well never runs dry.