When you look at the glass, is it half empty or half full? For years people have said if you see the glass as half empty you are a pessimist and it you see the glass as half full you’re an optimist. In reality, the glass is both half empty and half full. Your perspective of the glass is dependent upon what you’re focusing on when you look at the glass.
The same is true about situations in our lives. We can all be looking at the same situation and some of us will see it as hopeless while others will see it as certain victory. It depends on what you’re focusing on, the problem or the Problem Solver. When we focus on our problems, we are looking at things eye level and they may seem large and insurmountable to us. However, when we look up to Jesus, we immediately realize He is bigger than anything we’re facing.
If Joseph had focused on the ropes that held him in bondage as he traveled to Egypt or the prison walls that held him, he could have lost all hope and fallen into despair [Genesis 37:22-28;Genesis 39:20] . Instead, he focused on the promise God gave him in a dream and he rose to a position of authority and great power saving his family and a nation [Genesis 41:41-55].
Ruth’s situation looked bleak when her father-in-law died, followed by her brother-in-law and husband. She and her mother-in-law traveled to a new land and had no means of support. She could have lost all hope and seen no end in sight; however, she didn’t and went from being a foreigner among the Israelites to being the grandmother of King David [Ruth 1-4].
What situation are you faced with today? Does it seem hopeless? Do you feel helpless? Shift your focus from eye level heavenward. You’ll begin to realize how small the situation is in comparison to how great a God you serve. He will never leave you nor forsake you [Deuteronomy 31:6, 8]. In His perfect time, He will deliver you!