Are you someone who likes to be in front of a crowd or do you prefer behind the scenes work? My husband is someone who loves to do things behind the scenes much more than he likes the spotlight. If he can do his task without getting noticed, he is happy. It lines up with his personality. He’s quiet, reserved, likes small crowds and is content to sit and listen. Those of you who know me are saying “It’s a good thing since he’s married to you.” I like being with lots of people. I’m not quiet, not reserved and as far as crowds go the bigger the better.
A teen friend asked me about our different personalities just the other day. She said, “You and Mr. Mark are so different, but you’re great together. You’re so cute, but I don’t understand it.”
“It’s easy,” I told her, “his strengths cover my weaknesses and my strengths cover his weaknesses making us a stronger, unified team.”
The same is true of the body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 tells us we are one body but we have many parts. Some parts are quiet and reserved, but they are no less necessary than the bold parts. They all have purpose and they are all necessary. When all of the parts work together as one, for a common cause, then the body functions beautifully.
An ankle is a small part of the body. It typically doesn’t draw much attention to itself; however, when I injured mine two weeks ago I realized how important it is to me. I need a fully functioning ankle to get around without difficulty or pain. When it works properly, I don’t focus on it, but I appreciate it.
You may be a quiet, reserved person and feel you have little to offer, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You have gifts and talents that are necessary and appreciated by the body. Find out what your sweet spot is and serve there. Maybe you’re a bold, outgoing person and you like the front spot in organizations. Go for it, but recognize you can’t be out front doing what you do if there wasn’t a team of quiet people behind the scenes making it happen. The team of quiet people wouldn’t have anything to prepare for if someone wasn’t going to take the point position out front and lead or teach or greet. We’re all needed. We’ve all got important positions of service to make the body function as one.
Whether you’re one who likes to be visible in an organization or back in the wings, be who God created you to be. You are necessary and you’ll gain greater blessing by serving in a capacity that lines up with the way God created you.